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Beyond the Walls

Jerusalem's Old City lies at the heart of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And while the fighting continues, children are being reared in an environment of violence and hate. We must secure a safe-place, where their voices are heard and their hearts acknowledged.

Jason Eskenazi, "Beyond the Wall's" project coordinator, planned and coordinated a delicate and sensitive program to bring children from both sides together over a period of 6 months. Twelve children were chosen from each side and were sponsored by the Jewish Community Center and the Martin Luther Community Center. Each group photographed the Old City, bringing their individualized perspective to its ever-present strife. At the project's close, they discussed their work together. We believe that this experience will affect not only the children but also the communities at large.

In 2008, Jason hopes to continue exhibiting the work around the U.S. and coordinate an exhibit in Jerusalem for the children and their communities.

For more information about this project or exhibition inquiries, please contact jasoneskenazi@hotmail.com.