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Update on the Kids of Calcutta

July 2010

Avijit and Kochi Continue Studies in the US

This fall, Avijit, 21, will enter his junior year at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts studying filmmaking. He's an excellent student who works hard both in the classroom, as well as the two part-time jobs he holds on campus. This year, he was able to save enough money so that he could fly home to India for the summer, in which he hasn't visited in almost two years. He loves making movies and enjoys entering his films into competitions around the nation. You can check out Avijit's short films on his very own YouTube channel.

Kochi, 17, is currently enjoying an intensive six-week summer filmmaking workshop. The workshop is taught by award-winning faculty and film industry leaders. She's writing, shooting, producing, directing, and editing her very own short film! Kochi looks forward to sharing the finished product with all of her supporters around the world! We hope you'll stay tuned so that you can see it. In her own words:

"I just love this filmmaking class because I am learning more than I expected. It is exactly what I want to learn. We have film class the whole day, and we are learning how to use the camera, as well as editing, screenwriting, directing and lights. I didn't know that there was so much to learn about film making? I would like to thank all the people supporting me in my filmmaking class. I think this is the best opportunity of my life."

When Kochi's not falling in love with filmmaking, she's a near straight A student. She'll be a senior in high school, and is continuing her studies at a private boarding school here in the United States. She's already thinking about the future, and would like to go to university in London, because as she states, "London has a lot of good universities, but is much closer to Calcutta."

Avijit and Kochi

Kids with Cameras needs your help to support the scholarships for Avijit and Kochi's educations -- please contribute any amount you can here. Simply make a note in the comments that you would like to support 'Avijit and or Kochi's Education Fund.'

Born into Brothels and Kids with Cameras: 8 Years Later

Kids with Cameras has continued to support the other children featured in Born into Brothels education, as well as a few who were part of the original photography workshops, but were not in the film. Here's what they've been up to:

Shanti, 19, recently completed her high school studies with Future Hope, and by the end of July, will start college in Mumbai!

Gour, 23, has taken an interest in furthering his education, and has started by enrolling in conversational English classes.

Puja, 22, is enjoying a career working at a medical diagnostic center, and is married to a doctor.

Manik, 18, is a sweet and smart kid who has a great relationship with his sister, Shanti. He has recently expressed an interest in pursuing photography, and will finish high school in March of 2011.

Binod, 24, is studying fashion design at a university in Lucknow and is excelling in his studies. He has one more year until he's finished.

Tapasi, 18, is attending a beauty school in Calcutta.

Madan, 23, has chosen to leave his studies and career in law, and is excited to pursue filmmaking.