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How can you help to break the cycle of poverty and make a difference in the lives of more children like those portrayed in Born into Brothels?

Kids With Cameras plans to break ground in late 2010 to construct Hope House (Asha Niwas) on a stunning 5-acre property in the suburbs of Calcutta. This will be a nurturing safe haven where up to 100 girls from Calcutta's red light district can come to live and develop the strength and skills to change their own circumstances while remaining connected to their families.

The children who live in Hope House will receive a free, first-rate education through high school, courtesy of our partner, the Buntain Foundation, which owns and operates 100 schools in India. The Buntain Foundation will also manage and staff the home.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters around the world, we have raised $1.15 million in commitments toward our $1.2 million comprehensive campaign goal.

The plan for the Hope House excels in its sustainability as it is the centerpiece of a landmark endeavor in Calcutta: a three-phase model of intervention to deliver psychological and physical health care, education, mentorship and employment opportunity to these young women and their mothers.

We have strategically partnered with the Buntain Foundation to develop this plan: 

  • Phase One - Mobile Health Clinic Outreach catering to the specific medical needs of the women and children living in the red light district. Creating easily accessible and affordable medical care for these women prevents deathly disease from developing and spreading.  Offering children and their mothers a safe and secure environment with expert care focused on preventative and clinical services allows each to seek it without the fear of being labeled, rejected, or mistreated.
  • Phase Two - Once relationships with the mothers are built, Hope House provides a place for their daughters to live, learn and grow. They will be mentored by nursing students at the Buntain College of Nursing to be built on the adjacent property. Art will play a central role – as it did in the film – assisted by nature: there will be artists-in-residence and gardens to tend, with  - a far cry from the squalid rooms and chaotic conditions of the congested red light district. The idea is to develop a model "home" that can be replicated elsewhere.
  • Phase Three - Long term care is provided. Also, a laundry facility to service the Buntains other facilities in Calcutta will be built on adjacent property to the Hope House for mothers of the Hope House girls to work as an alternative to the red-light district. Here, they can learn new skills and live within close proximity to their daughters.
Funding for Phase One and Phase Three will be provided by the Buntain Foundation. Kids with Cameras has agreed to fund Phase Two.

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We are grateful for the donated services of the following companies: Studio Mumbai Architects (design), Price & Myers (engineering) and Pocock Design Environment Limited (landscaping).